1. Vitruvius (80–15 BC) – Roman architect and author of “De Architectura”, the first known treatise on architecture.
2. Imhotep (27th century BC) – Ancient Egyptian architect and engineer, best known as the architect of the Step Pyramid of Djoser.
3. Filippo Brunelleschi (1377–1446) – Italian architect and engineer, credited with designing the dome of the Florence Cathedral, known as the “Duomo”.
4. Leon Battista Alberti (1404–1472) – Italian architect, theorist, and humanist, known for his writings on architecture and for designing prominent churches and palaces.
5. Andrea Palladio (1508–1580) – Italian architect, considered one of the most influential figures in the history of Western architecture, known for his classical designs.
6. Christopher Wren (1632–1723) – English architect, one of the most renowned architects in British history, designed St Paul’s Cathedral and many other notable buildings in London.
7. Antoni Gaudí (1852–1926) – Spanish architect, known for his unique and innovative architectural designs, including the Sagrada Família in Barcelona.
8. Frank Lloyd Wright (1867–1959) – American architect and designer, a pioneer of the organic architecture movement, known for his iconic residential designs such as Fallingwater and the Guggenheim Museum.
9. Le Corbusier (1887–1965) – Swiss-French architect, urban planner, and writer, considered one of the pioneers of modern architecture, known for his visionary designs and urban planning theories.
10. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886–1969) – German-American architect, regarded as one of the greatest architects of the 20th century and known for his minimalist and iconic steel-and-glass designs like the Seagram Building.


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