There is no definitive list of the top 10 most influential figures in urban planning, as influence can be subjective and change over time. However, the following individuals are often recognized for their significant contributions to the field of urban planning:

1. Jane Jacobs – American-Canadian journalist, activist, and author who championed community-based planning and influenced urban design principles.
2. Ebenezer Howard – British urban planner and founder of the garden city movement, focusing on the integration of nature and urban infrastructure.
3. Daniel Burnham – American architect and urban designer known for his work on the 1909 Plan of Chicago and influential ideas on urban beautification and planning.
4. Le Corbusier – Swiss-French architect and urban planner who developed modernist principles and advocated for high-rise, functionalist city designs.
5. Jan Gehl – Danish architect and urban designer known for his focus on human-centered and livable cities, emphasizing the importance of pedestrians and public spaces.
6. William H. Whyte – American urbanist and author who conducted extensive research on public spaces, uncovering the importance of how people use and engage with urban environments.
7. Frederick Law Olmsted – American landscape architect and park designer who co-designed New York’s Central Park and left a significant impact on urban green spaces.
8. Richard Florida – American urban theorist and author who popularized the concept of the creative class and its role in urban development and economic success.
9. Patrick Geddes – Scottish biologist, sociologist, and town planner who emphasized a holistic approach to urban planning, considering the social, economic, and environmental aspects.
10. Peter Calthorpe – American urban designer and planner recognized for his work on transit-oriented development and sustainable urban design, promoting walkable and mixed-use neighborhoods.

This list is not exhaustive, and there are many other influential figures in the field of urban planning.


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