As of 2021, the top 10 wealthiest real estate developers are:

1. Wang Jianlin – Founder of Dalian Wanda Group (China)
2. Lee Shau Kee – Founder of Henderson Land Development (Hong Kong)
3. Xu Jiayin – Chairman of Evergrande Group (China)
4. Joseph Lau – Chairman of Chinese Estates Holdings (Hong Kong)
5. David and Simon Reuben – Co-founders of Reuben Brothers (United Kingdom)
6. Lee Kun-hee – Former Chairman of Samsung (South Korea)
7. Kushal Pal Singh – Chairman of DLF (India)
8. Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor – Duke of Westminster (United Kingdom)
9. Yang Huiyan – Vice Chairman of Country Garden Holdings (China)
10. Donald Bren – Chairman of Irvine Company (United States)

Please note that the rankings may change over time as wealth fluctuates and new developments occur.


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